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Blog Tour: Stolen Luck by Jaclyn Weist

Welcome to the blog tour for Stolen Luck by Jaclyn Weist! 
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Sixteen year old  Megan Crenshaw has everything going for her until the day a leprechaun shows up on her doorstep and steals all her luck. Not only that, he follows her around and wreaks havoc in her life. With the help of her friends, Megan must get her luck back before he manages to destroy her life and the lives of all those around her.

I was lucky enough to interview the author of Stolen Luck, Jaclyn Weist.

Q: Which character in Stolen Luck do you relate to most?
A: Megan - but mostly when she's unlucky.  A couple of the bad things that happened to her I got from my own life.

Q: What is your favorite part of the story?
I can't tell my favorite part because it's a pretty big twist, but it has something to do with Jared, Megan, and basketball.

Q: How do you overcome writer's block?
I brainstorm with family (my kids are my favorite brainstormers), listen to music on Pandora, or make something bad happen to my poor characters. 

Q: Do you plan out each story in detailed outline or just wing it?
A: I totally wing it. I've tried to plan and my characters laugh at me. They always do something completely unexpected and it changes what I planned to do next. I love to see what's going to happen next.
I totally wing it, too. I love wondering where the story will lead. It's like reading a good book on crack because, although the story kind of tells itself, in the end you get to choose how it twists and turns.

Q: What's your favorite thing to drink or much on while you write?
A: Cheetos! Although, I haven't munched on those for a while now. There are times I'm so into writing that I forget to eat until a scene is over.

Q: If you had a choice, which author would you choose to coach you?
A: Brandon Sanderson. I love his storytelling. But at the same time, I'd be scared to death and totally intimidated the entire time. There are many amazing authors that I love to read for ideas, though. Lisa Mangum and Jessica Day George are two of them.
I love Brandon Sanderson, too. I actually had the opportunity to attend several lectures he gave at a writer's conference a couple years back. I learned so much from him. He is a talented writer, indeed.

Q: What else have you written?
A: I have written a princess/time travel book that has a Sleeping Beauty twist to it. I have books two and three of this leprechauns series, as well. Twist of  Luck comes out in March, and I'm getting Best of Luck ready for submission. I'm also writing a book that's part of a series about adventures in Atlantis with a group of five authors. And last but not least, I wrote another book that's called "Our Misadventures Down Under." It's a memoir of our rather disastrous (and hilarious) move to Australia. 

Q: What inspired you to write Stolen Luck?
A: My writing group had a prompt "The worst day ever" one month and I wondered what would happen if someone had never had a bad day before. It was a hit in the group so I took the short story and made it into a novel.

Q: How much of your life did you include in the story?
A: A lot, but mostly my embarrassing moments. Although I've been told by my husband that Megan has a lot of my personality quirks. The hero has my husband's sense of humor. And it's set not too far from where I grew up. 

Q: What do you want your readers to take from your novel?
A: Megan has a lot of bad things happen to her but stays fairly positive throughout her trials. I think we all have to learn to laugh through our troubles. 

Q: How did you come up with the title, "Stolen Luck"?
A: Megan's luck was stolen by a leprechaun, so it was pretty simple. It's probably not the most imaginative title, but it has a great ring to it.

Q: Which actress would you like to see play the protagonist, Megan, if it were made into a movie?
A: Kate Todd from My Girlfriend's a Vampire is one person I've thought of.

Here she is, folks, in case you wondered who Kate Todd is like I did.

Q: What's the easiest part of writing? The hardest?
A: The easiest part is coming up with idea. The hardest part is coming up with the rest. Kidding. Actually, I think the hardest part is making the first page one that would suck your readers in and want to keep reading.

Q: Do you have any suggestions or advice for other writers?
A: Don't give up! There are times when you want to give up and throw it away, but it's worth it to keep going. Find writer friends so you can encourage each other to write. 

Author's bio:
Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing as a senior in high school, when her dad jokingly said she was the next Dr. Seuss (not even close but very sweet). She met her husband, Steve at BYU and they have six happy, crazy children that encourage her writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. Jaclyn now spends her days herding her kids to various activities and trying to remember what she was supposed to do next.

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