Thursday, March 18, 2010


:D So I got rejected, and not just by Nelson but by five or six others...ha! I decided to query a few more...why not? :D
Once our computer gets fixed I can query some more. :)
Yeah, such a fun process! :S
Actually, it really is stings a little tiny bit each time I read a rejection letter but , as my husband says, it's just one more rejection in the ladder until I hook someone. :) And although the rejections aren't fun I don't fear them and I just have hope that it will work out eventually. I mean, it only takes one person!!


  1. Don't worry J.K. Rowling had a hard time getting Harry Potter published and look at her now!!

  2. I know, right. ;) The best of authors had hard times! It'll happen in the right time. ;)