Monday, October 4, 2010

Feedback, FINALLY!

Up until now very few people knew that I've written a book. However, the other day I announced it on facebook. :D I guess I waited (3 YEARS) because I was a bit sensitive about it and didn't want to feel the sting of lack-of-support. I tend to be that way...when something is really important to me I hold it close to me to protect it; and to avoid getting hurt. Now I'm much more secure and am glad it's out there: I've written a book. I've used words to create new worlds and creatures and emotions...And I absolutely LOVE it.
When I've told others that I've written a book they act really impressed, like it is a huge feat. But the way I see it is anyone could write a doesn't mean it'll be any good. My book is pretty good. Not great, but pretty darn good. But "good" doesn't get published.
After I'd made the facebook announcement, three people asked to read it and give feedback. I was, and still am, ecstatic! Two were friends and one was my cousin, who has actually written a book herself and is working on another. She sent the first chapter back with AWESOME feedback! She's been to two writer's conferences and it shows she learned something. :) Another friend has been published and writes for a journal. The third friend is in the process of writing the story of her life. I'm so, so excited to get feedback from these ladies!!
And not to mention my sister-in-law who is reading it right now. :D She's very observant so I know I'll get good feedback from her.
Yeah!! :D Last time I had sent it to six people and you know how many people responded? ONE. This time looks to be more promising. :D

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