Monday, February 7, 2011

I had a dream...

I had a dream last night, though it wasn't about world peace. It was inspiration for my next book. I was worried because, though I love to write, I wasn't coming up with any good, original ideas. As soon as I woke up (good thing it was 6:45a.m. and not earlier), I ran (or trudged as fast as my sleepy self could) to the computer and wrote a brief summary. The main conflict that seemed great when I was half asleep, however, isn't good enough for those completely awake. So I've got some serious thinking to do. But the main idea is fun and when it's done it's going to be awesome...I just know it. ;) Hooray for dreams!


  1. I swear most of my dreams could be awesome books or movies. Only, I am always too tired to get up after I wake up from said dreams of awesomeness and as a result, I can't ever remember them.
    Congrats on remembering yours though. I look forward to hearing/reading what it was about.

    1. Keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed. If you wake up enough you can scribble it down before falling back to sleep. Haha!
      Good luck!

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