Monday, July 18, 2011

Hanging with author Brandon Sanderson

Who got to hang with Brandon Sanderson, you ask? Why, that would be ME. :D Saturday I attended Polaris 25, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention in Toronto (I happened to be visiting my brother, who lives 25 minutes away). It' one of those conventions where people dress up as their favorite characters and walk around. ;) I went because one of my favorite authors was going to be there and teaching some panels about writing. Brandon Sanderson. His panels rocked, I got so much good advice from them! After his panels, he had booked 4 hours of Magic, a card game that he loves with a capital L. I love trying new things, so I stuck around, learned, and watched him play and chatted. It was fun! I got some great pointers on writing, and found Brandon to be fun and laid back. Such a fun, worthwhile time!
He was posing with a close-mouthed smile, so I told him to show some teeth. HA! He sure did!

Such a nicer smile. ;)

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