Sunday, September 25, 2011

Congratulations, Blog Hop Winner!

Congratulations to this month's blog hop, Squiggles, for winning your very own hardback copy of the classic "To Kill a Mockingbird"!

In the sudden silence that followed, Miss Stephanie Crawford called from across the room, "Whatcha going to be when you grow up, Jean Louise? A lawyer?"
"Nome, I hadn't thought about it..." I answered, grateful that Miss Stephanie was kind enough to change the subject. Hurriedly I began choosing my vocation. Nurse? Aviator? "Well..."
"Why shoot, I though you wanted to be a lawyer, you've already commenced going to court."
The ladies laughed again. "That Stephanie's a card," somebody said. Miss Stephanie was encouraged to pursue the subject: "Don't you want to grow up to be a lawyer?"
Miss Maudie's hand touched mine and I answered mildly enough, "Nome, just a lady."
Miss Stephanie eyed me suspiciously, decided that I meant no impertinence, and contented herself with, "Well you won't get very far until you start wearing dresses more often."
Miss Maudie's hand closed tightly on mine, and I said nothing. Its warmth was enough.

Thank you to everyone who participated! You all rock and I loved reading your comments. :D Good luck next time!!!

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