Friday, September 25, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Caretaker by Josi Russell

BOOK REVIEW: Caretaker by Josi Russell

"Ethan Bryant was supposed to fall asleep on a ship leaving Earth and wake up fifty years later with his family on a new home on Minea. Instead, after the ship’s caretaker – the lone human in charge of monitoring the ship’s vital systems – suddenly dies, the ship’s computer locks Ethan out of his stasis chamber and gives him the job. That was five years ago. Five years of checking to make sure everything is running smoothly on a ship Ethan knows almost nothing about.
"…That is, until the ship suddenly wakes up another passenger: a beautiful engineer who, along with Ethan, soon discovers a horrible secret – a navigation room hidden from even the ship’s computer. The ship is not bound for Minea – but to somewhere far more dangerous.
"With the ship nearing its sinister destination, Ethan soon learns he is the only one who holds the key to saving all 4,000 passengers from a highly-advanced, hostile alien race."

Full of love x2, action, adventure and aliens, this book will take you on a ride through the stars. Interesting story, though it could've used a few more clever twists and the villain could use more development. I was hooked the first half, the second half was a little disappointing. But it tickles the emotions and is overall a very entertaining trip through space and other planets. 

If you like space stories (like Star Trek) and Romeo and Juliet love sagas, you'll love thisMy favorite was how the author delicately wove love into it, and what the protagonists did in the name of love (even if the love isn't well founded and super believable). 3.8 stars and rated PG.

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