Friday, March 18, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Wicked Fate by Shannon L Maynard

BOOK REVIEW: Wicked Fate by Shannon L Maynard

Ava Starr is on a beautiful deserted island with two hunks who want to marry her. What young, single girl wouldn't love that? Problem is, she loves them both. Another problem is, the local cannibals want to marry her, too. Their wooing antics are pretty darn cute and funny. I was hooked the whole time.

While Ava tends to be a blubbering beauty who's sweet but otherwise devoid of personality, Dax and Preston emulate typical guys-their-age thoughts and behaviors (even if most real-life guys won't put up with a lot of the crap she put them through). It's like the scenario with Bella and her two guys in the tent on the mountain, but spread throughout most of a book. I happen to love that scene.

Super fun teenage read. She ends up with the guy I like and everything is a dream...until the man who supposedly wants her killed sails his boat up to the island. Talk about a cliff hanger. Rated PG-13 for an abundance of sexuality (a LOT of kissing and "melting" and caressing, though nothing explicit, it's pretty darn clean but I'd think twice before letting a young girl read it) and 4.7 stars.

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