Monday, May 3, 2010


So today I went to the library to print my free 75 pages...Yes, I'm printing my book to send to two publishers. WELL, I have my book saved on my Sandisk thumb drive and I took it with me. As I was trying to print my pages I had my 16 month old wriggling around in my lap and my three year old was destroying a "Learn Spanish" tape sooooooooo needless to say I was a bit distracted and forgot to take my thumb drive OUT of the computer. I realized it a couple of minutes after leaving the library and rushed back in to get it and it was gone!!!!
So one of two things happened. Either my 16 month old ripped it out and threw it somewhere during the few seconds he was at the computer alone OR the homey sitting next to me stole it to make a quick buck. It was old (and the metal thingy that goes into the computer was totally bent!) so a buck is all he'd get. But it's worth so much more to me; it had over a week's worth of revisions on it! I couldn't find it ANYWHERE in the library! I even crawled around people's stinky feet looking for it! :D
Well if the hoodlum did steal it the worst thing he could do is publish my book in his name, right? :(

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