Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: The Ember Gods by Adrea Pearson

BOOK REVIEW: The Ember Gods by Adrea Pearson

Sequel to Pearson's "Key of Kilenya," The Ember Gods continues Jacob's adventures in a distant, magical world. In the previous book, Jacob had thwarted the evil Lorkon's plans to take over earth, but had also left his friend Aloren behind in a dangerous, cursed city. He is eager to return, but must wait for a special potion to become ready that will preserve those who accompany him from the Lorkon's evil powers. Though his mind is with Aloren in the other world, he must also deal with his first year of high school on earth and winning over the biased high school basketball coach.

Jacob takes his older brother, Matt, to the other world with him to meet the Makalos and becomes his partner in adventure thereafter, creating a fun and witty relationship between the two brothers. It also keeps the other world creatures and experiences fresh and fun for readers. Jacob's parents are oddly fine with their son's exploits to the foreign world, and I was left wondering why. Pearson answers this toward the end, however, with a very interesting and exciting twist to the plot. New imaginative creatures are introduced and all is wrapped up with an exciting and page-turning ending.

Like the previous book, I was left wanting more. Jacob is an all around good kid whose desires and inclinations warm the heart. It was a rather pleasant 268 page read that was chalk full of entertainment and a happy ending that kept you hanging for the next book, but not too much. Rated PG with 4.5 stars from me. Way to go, Andrea, on a successful sequel!

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  1. Thanks for the great review! This book was a lot of fun to write - I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)