Saturday, February 18, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions by John Hauserman, CFP

BOOK REVIEW: Retirement Quest: Make Better Decisions by John Hauserman, CFP

Retirement Quest is a book for those who are reasonably financially secure and responsible as well as those who are in a "wealth building mode". Hauserman takes into account the weakened economy and gives excellent advice on how to choose a financial advisor and make wise decisions that will help you have a financially secure retirement. He discusses everything from life expectancy to risk management to stocks and bonds and the market cycle.

A huge bonus of this book: free websites to help map your retirement goals and make sure they are realistic. The theme throughout the book is that there are no absolutes. A good advisor doesn't try to get you rich quick nor put all your eggs into one basket. Planning and re-planning for your retirement are key, as well as having a GOOD financial advisor. He discusses how to find a good advisor as well as tips on what not to do to grow your investments.

There were a lot of rich terms that were hard to push through. Maybe I'm a less intelligent being, but money and economics and their coinciding terminology baffle me. Near put me to sleep. It could've been dumbed down a little bit. That was the only downside of this book, mainly because I'm a fantasy lover. But for what it is--unbiased advice on how to avoid costly mistakes and find a good financial advisor--it is very useful and well laid out. G-rated, in case you wondered. I give it 3.2 stars. Way to go, John Hauserman!

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